What is Forgiveness? (part 2)

My life is sort of like the crawl space in my home. It is in the dark netherworld corner of the basement where things I do not want to let go of gets stuffed. I choose to hold on to it because I think that at some point I will use it again. It might be nostalgic. At one time I cherished the pictures that I proudly displayed on the walls of my home. At one time it was decorating the space of my living room. Things change, times change, my tastes change. It is time to take down the decor and to get rid of it. But I can't. 

So I hold on to it. It continues to take up space in my life. Sure I try to organize it and label it but sits in a crawl space. A place I go only occasionally or seasonally.  It is time to pull out Christmas ornaments. It is time to put up the spring wreath on the front door. It is time to find the harvest time decorations. I use it and then I move it back again into the dark corner. I will bring back out again at the appropriate time.

The problem is it gets overwhelming. Sometimes, I don't even know what I have. I end up buying more of the same stuff. It is a waste of space and money. It leaves no room for the future. It is chained to the past.

It is sort of like overstuffed luggage. I pack so much that it leaves no space for the return trip. I over pack because of fear. I might be too cold or hot or wet if I don't carry this along. It gets heavy. I pay more at the airport because I am overweight. 

I need to declutter. I need to lighten up. I need to start over. I need a clean start.

Forgiveness is the spiritual discipline of decluttering the past to leave room for the future. 

It is emptying the crawl space of all I don't need, it is lightening the suitcase. It is a clean start.

“The evidence of “forgiveness of sin” is not found in a profession of belief, but in a life freed from self-destructive pursuits, scapegoating, and violence.”   Peter Rollins, The Divine Magician: The Disappearance of Religion and the Discovery of Faith

Larry Pozza