Current Sermon Series

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Using the metaphor of marbles we look at the beauty of the Body of Christ

Using the metaphor of marbles we look at the beauty of the Body of Christ

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Past Sermon Series

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The Psalms help us see the raw emotion of those who follow God. As we read the Psalms and listen to the teaching, we gain a better understanding of what a real, honest relationship with God looks like.

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John the Revelator addresses seven churches encouraging them to keep shining the light


The Creation Poem in Genesis chapter 1 shows the fractal nature of life.

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A four week series on the life of Joseph from the Old Testament book of Genesis

These messages are given between a sermon series, or on special occasions or by special speakers.

The Bible is a library of stories of varying types. Each story is a contribution to the overall storyline of humanity. They all cultivate a life of wisdom.

The Apostle Peter uses the image of exile in his first letter. With the Babylonian exile as a familiar image to the readers, Peter outlines how to maintain hope and grace in a world of opposition and oppression. The readers are reminded they are resident aliens living out the values of a different kind of kingdom.

Have you ever noticed that much of life is like taking a road trip? It is filled with many twists and turns along the way. It is also filled with all kinds of different people. Learn the way to navigate the relationships you will meet along the way.

The letter of 1 John give us a wonderful picture of what God is really like.Two themes emerge: God is light and love. This portrait is fully revealed in Jesus as the mirror image of God.


What are the characteristics of a hero? How can we be a hero in our world in this coming year?

Of all the books of the Bible Ecclesiastes is the most realistic portrayal of the hopes and frustrations of the momentary nature of human life. Qoheleth gives us a summary of his journey. As we read it we may end up saying "this is us".

Beauty has the capacity to change the world

In a world of rage and retaliation Jesus teaches the way of restoration through forgiveness

How does music help connect us to God?

We are called by Jesus to love others across a spectrum of different worldviews

A first century rabbinical blessing says "may you be covered with the dust of your rabbi". We follow Jesus as our Rabbi. His teachings are to leave a dusty impression upon us.

What does it mean to have a church community? How can we grow closer together as we grow closer to God?

God calls us to journey toward Him so we can partner with Him in healing the world.

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